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Personalized betting engagement.

Triggy - A Swedish sports tech company

Triggy was founded in 2017 with the vision to connect sports data, live odds and user insights to increase customer engagement, acquisitions and lifetime value.

We strongly believe that we can engage sports fans further through better personal user experiences.

We are dedicated to use machine learning and AI to drive innovation through user-friendly and engaging products designed to meet the needs of the next generation of fans and bettors.

Triggy provides a unique personalization platform available for clients active in the sports betting industry. Triggy captures, analyzes, and distributes relevant sports data to users at the exact right moment.

Today, Triggy is a well-known company in the sports betting industry with innovative data driven products.

Triggy has launched our Personalization Engine and Live Score apps together with some of the biggest sportsbooks in Europe, Asia and LatAm.

The focus now is to bring our well-received products to the growing U.S. sports betting market.

The Triggy team has a diverse mix of backgrounds, including technology focused iGaming companies, Nasdaq, FinTech and Finance.
We are based in Stockholm, Sweden

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